Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Bacon, Bacon, Bacon!

After a couple of days of not feeling very well, I had the very pleasant surprise of visiting with my friend on Wednesday night. Last week I sent her a box with a few special items, and I asked her to wait till we could open it together on Skype. After only a week it arrived! And she waited nearly 24 hours to open it, so sweet of her! About a month ago she mentioned on her blog that she can't find bacon or any other kind of American breakfast meat where she lives--and on my shopping day I found boxed, pre-cooked & preserved bacon! While we were talking her husband went into the kitchen & made her some bacon, and I got to watch them enjoy their breakfast meat.
Bacon. One of the little things we don't think of missing. Something we may not like when we leave the States, but when we recognize it's absence we really miss it!

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