Friday, June 11, 2010

Task 1

Post-mowing. Who knew it was so warm at 7:30am?!

This weekend is very full. Thursday morning I started out mowing a playground on campus. By 11am I was cleaned up & helping at the NTM-Crossover registration tent on campus. I finished there at 7 :30pm, and went to see Caleb Rowden, Finding Bethel, and heard Gracia Burnham speak. Home at 9pm & in bed shortly after!!

Friday morning registration started at 8am, and I left at 1:30pm to head to the chiropractor. Picked up some oil & a filter to have my oil changed tomorrow. For dinner I'll be eating with a friend and her mom. They're from Korea, and I will be having my first real Korean meal!

Saturday holds another 8am-3pm registration time and getting a friend to change the oil in my car. Sunday holds church, and packing up for 3 weeks in Pennsylvania. Monday morning I begin the 16 hour drive to Jersey Shore!

I hope you have a great grace-filled weekend!

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Becky Aguirre said...

Wow, Carrie, that's awesome stuff there with the concert and all! So wish I could pop in!!!!! Enjoy your time! :)