Tuesday, November 10, 2009

4 Weeks...

Today is Tuesday. In four weeks, I will be finishing up packing and saying goodbyes to leave Mexico. It's hard to believe how quickly the past ten months have flown by. These next four weeks will be very busy as I continue to study Spanish, pushing new aspects of Spanish grammar, and getting my things sold or packed. The To Do list seems to keep growing rather than shrinking!

In the past two weeks, I have begun trying to learn two new verb tenses. Do you remember learning "Perfect" tenses? I'm doing present perfect and past perfect (ie--I have eaten and I had eaten). These are fairly easy to learn, because I only have to change the helping verb. Over the weekend I was able to spend quite a bit of time with Spanish-speaking friends, and they were as excited as I was when I heard the new verb tenses. God has blessed me with great friends here, who get excited with me as I learn new things!

Prayer Requests:
1--Time Management: I have a lot to do in four weeks time.
2--Spanish Study: My Spanish study will be wrapping up in early December, but I am NOT done! I'll have about another year when I get to Paraguay, and I don't want to lose what I already have learned while I am in Missouri.
3--Farewells & Transitions: I'll be saying goodbye to many good friends here in Mexico, and don't know when I'll be back down to visit them. Pray also for the transition to the U.S., as I will have been here 11 months. My 'normal' now consists of Mexican daily things, and everything will change again as I head back to the U.S. Pray for a good transition back.
4--Walk with the Lord: That during this time of change, I will keep my eyes on the Lord.

Thank you so much for taking these requests boldly before the throne of GRACE!

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