Monday, September 14, 2009

Chiles Rellenos

Friday I learned how to make a Mexican dish that I love: chile relleno. Here's how Claudia and I made it:

First, "toast" poblano chiles over a flame until the skin is blackened. Oil the skin so it doesn't stick to the pan. Toasting the chiles helps the skin peel off easier.

Second, peel the skin off.

Cut the chiles in half, and insert cheese. We used a cheese native to Chihuahua that seems to be similar to a cheddar/mozzerella mix. If you have toothpicks, this would be a great time to use them to hold the two sides back together.

Whip egg whites until fluffy, and dip the chile first into the egg white, then into a bowl of flour.

Fry in hot oil until browned, warm up tortillas, and enjoy! We sure did!

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Becky Aguirre said...

Yummo! We love chile relleno, too, and I enjoyed seeing how she makes them, too!