Monday, February 09, 2009

"Ocho Wienies" and other cultural tidbits...

--Ever been distressed when buying hotdogs and buns at the grocery store?  It's not a problem here in Mexico: just go to the deli and ask for "ocho wienies!"  A perfect bun to dog ratio.

--Today on the way home we were driving on a six lane road, and at a major intersection.  I looked to our left, and there, making his own lane, was someone on a four-wheeler!  Right in the middle of town, with no one thinking twice about it.

--I used to think I was overwhelmed in the hair product aisle. (Curly hair, what new product won't work this time?!)  Then I had to buy gel and hairspray in a new aisle.  With new brands.  All in Spanish.  (I stuck with the familiar.)

--Today I also put 2 and 2 together, and came up with OIL.  The business lot across the street from our dorm has tanks.  Many tanks.  There are frequently semis pumping oil/sludge/crude into and out of these tanks, or men in front-loader buckets inspecting the tanks.  It's not Schlumberger, but it's awfully big to be living right next to!
--I guess the thing to do when you get to Chihuahua (as a missionary) is to pick out your future guard dog.  Since I'm not staying in Chihuahua, I occasionally borrow my friends' Chris and Rachel's dog "Gus."  They wouldn't let me name him Rasta, so I call him "Rasta-Gus."  I have plans for arriving in Paraguay though...#1: Get a future guard dog!

Any unique cultural tidbits in your area?


Becky Aguirre said...

I like that..."ocho wienies"! Don't think I'd ever asked that way...but it works!

I think it's interesting how you can go to the little tienda and buy just one diaper at a time, or one roll of toilet paper, or a teeny-tiny bag of laundry soap, etc. Just enough for in the now. :)

Elijah's Mommy said...

I want a puppy! Gus is really cute!