Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Bible Translation

Target Audience for our translation: 3 year olds

This week we went through Bible Translation class. It had multiple aspects, as we discussed what was more important to keep in translating: form (word for word translation) versus meaning (communicating the message). It was very good to look at multiple English translations and see that even the most "literal" translations that we have are still not word-for-word from the Greek and Hebrew. It is just not possible, because languages do not always have a word-for-word translation. Just try to explain an idiom to a non-English speaker--it won't happen in the same number of words! And if that non-Englisher speaker tried to explain one of their idioms literally, it would not make sense to us.

One of the other parts of the translation class was to take Mark 2:1-12 "Jesus heals the paralytic". It takes teamwork to create a translation, and we were on teams for the project. We had to choose a target audience, and then translate the scripture into 3 year old acceptable terms. It was more difficult than we anticipated! In the end, we may have ended up with a translation acceptable to a 5 year old, but the goal was accomplished: we learned that translation is not easy!

Prayer Request for the next week:
--Church Planting class begins tomorrow. We will be in teams discussing different aspects of Church Planting from learning the national language (in my case Spanish) to leaving the tribe after a church has been successfully planted.

--I'll be saying goodbye to many friends that I've made over the past few years. Some of them I have gone through all 4 1/2 years of training with, and some have just come to school here this year. Please pray that we would all have a good last week together!

--Please pray that "Black Beauty" my favorite little Saturn will continue working until I get to North Carolina. The transmission has been acting up, and I have a 16 hour drive ahead of me December 20-21.

Thank you for taking this requests with me boldly before the throne of grace!
Love, Carrie

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