Tuesday, November 13, 2007

BOTTOM'S UP!!: How to Go Crawdadin'

This weekend a few of us went up to Missouri for a little R & R. On Saturday, we decided it would be fun to go crawdadin'. Here's our little "How to" Guide, in pictures:

Step One: Go in the summer. The water is warmer.

Step Two: Flip over rocks looking for said crawdad.

Step Three: Discover a better spot down stream where you can spot them from five feet up.

Step Four: Decide when ENOUGH IS ENOUGH!
(Can you spot the bottom-feeder fish?)
Step Five: Take them home.

Step Six: Let the big ones duke it out.
(What haven't you ever heard of Fighting Crawdads?)

And the winner is....HERCULES!!

Step Seven: Cut dem tails.
(This is not the proper LA method.)

Step Eight: Wash dem tails!

Step Nine: Fry and enjoy!

Good luck next summer on your crawdadin'!

1 comment:

phil and shell said...

Ugh - that just looks so absolutely gross. sorry - i know that's not what you're looking to hear....but i gotta tell ya - ew.