Wednesday, September 12, 2007

An Example

These two pictures make one white board of Northern Tepehuan non-action clauses. Northern Tepehuan is a language group from Mexico. Non-action clauses are sentences that resemble "This tree is tall." They describe the subject in the sentence. It took many different color markers and a few hours, but I was finally able to figure out most of the meanings of the words. Today I'm working on the action clauses: "You hit me."

Please pray that I will have a clear mind on this 3 day problem of Northern Tepehuan!

Love, Carrie


Geoff, Melissa and Elijah Gill said...

Thanks for sharing these pictures. It give us a good idea of what you're going through right now. Man, I don't know if i could do it!

Jake Ketchum said...

I have to admit, after I read your last two blogs I think I'm going to try and talk Erin out of taking the Ling course. Just kidding. We'll be praying for you Carrie.

Geoff, Melissa and Elijah Gill said...

I hear you are leaving for OK next week. We'll be praying for you in that and hope you have a good time.