Saturday, June 30, 2007

Summer in Louisiana

"Wow, it sure is hot this summer!"
"It seems likes it rains all the time!"
"I can't believe all the grass is dying!"

These are all things I've heard this summer in Louisiana--and every other summer since 1996! We Louisianians, for I am one so long as I am here, are always surprised that this summer is just like last summer. How easily we humans forget what just happened. Hot and humid--it's a constant for us, and we can always fall back on the weather to start a conversation.

But what about that other great Constant in our lives? Many times I find myself relying on the weather as a constant that I can talk to people, usually strangers, about. What would happen if I chose another Constant in my life, Jesus Christ, to converse about with people? If nothing other that strange stares, my life would change as I focus not on the weather and it's effects on me, but on Jesus Christ and His power in my life.

Update wise, I'm busy getting ready for VBS at Shreve City. It starts next Monday, July 9th. Please pray for our church as we prepare for these fun children. I've also talked to a few people in town about sharing in their churches this summer. As I'll be leaving August 9th for Missouri, that basically leaves July for sharing with other churches.

Happy Independence Day!

Love, Carrie

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Sonya's Spot said...

Hey Carrie! Great reminder about the Constant in our lives. He's so good and worthy to be shared with others.

Love you,