Wednesday, June 26, 2013

"Das Embawwasing!"

A dear friend's child once said this to her when he was only about 4 years old--and as I look back at the last post (from APRIL!!??) that was my first thought!  So, here goes at a quick update to a few very full, busy months.

APRIL: During the second half of April, I drove some of the longest days of the trip.  There were several days of 6-8 hours of driving as I worked my way from Pennsylvania to Louisiana.  I enjoyed getting to see many family members and friends along the trip.
 Enjoying a "Girls' Night In/Parents' Night Out"

Visiting with my grandpa after a few years 

 I got to meet my "nephew" R for the first time--and he'll be getting a sibling in September!

 I had two of these three brothers in my class at the Training Center.  I was blessed to get to be a part of their lives for another weekend.

MAY:  In May I was able to empty the car and settle into one place for a few weeks--it was fantastic!  As much as I enjoy traveling, it was VERY nice to be in one place. :-)

 I made it to Louisiana and got to visit with some very good friends.

I was able to spend the month of May with my brother, and was able to take care of my nephew for a few short days.  It was great to be "Aunt Carrie" for a few days!

We worked out a surprise visit from my mom to Louisiana--and I made it to Dallas and halfway back (4 1/2 hours driving!) before I realized I didn't have my cash, no cards, no DRIVERS' LICENSE. :-O

Mom's trip turned out to be over Mudbug Madness!

We went to the wedding of some friends from church--it was great to see them get married.  Only about five years ago they were my "kids" at youth camp.  This picture is of Mom and I getting ready for the photo booth. 

With my mom and my brother in May

With Gabe and Ellen, my very dear friends from Louisiana.

JUNE:  June ended up being a little different that I expected.  A short week and a half after returning to North Carolina, we received word that my brother would be having surgery.  My mom, dad, and I all traveled to Louisiana to be with him before and after the surgery.  It went very well--and we are very grateful for the doctors and nurses who cared for him!

My nephew was able to come back to visit, and walked in with this gift bag saying "Iz happy-fadders-day, Dad!" 

 C's reaction to seeing my brother's surgery wound--he declared it "DisGUSting!"

After two extra weeks in Louisiana, Mom and I returned to NC on June 21st, and helped process a truck-bed full of corn the next day.  Needless to say, we were exhausted!

Thank you for your prayers through all the traveling thus far.  Over the next month I'll be spending time with my family here in NC, and making plans for returning to Paraguay at the end of July.  

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