Monday, March 05, 2012

Top 10 List

After my last post, a friend asked me, "What exactly is your Top 10 List of Reasons to Live in Paraguay?"  At first, I just laughed, then I realized--that was a pretty good question.  Many people over the past five years have asked why Paraguay, and I generally recount how I heard about missions in Paraguay and how I ended up here.  But now, finally, here it is.....

Top 10 List of Reasons to Live in Paraguay

10. Painting Classes: for only $18.60 per month (for 8 hours of classes.)  
This painting isn't finished yet.

 9. Ground Beef: See all the grease and fat in that pan?  
Exactly--this ground beef taste like ground-up steak.  And, it tastes amazing!

8.  Mangoes:  My neighbors brought this mango back from their house in the country. 
 It is sitting on a standard dinner plate--huge and tasty!

7.  Packages: It's always fun to get a package from home!

 6. Welcoming Group: A group from my church met me at the airport.  
I discovered later that some of them wanted to sing "Carrie" by Europe, but were told not to. :-)

5. Jovenes: The youth from church love getting together and hanging out--usually around food!

4. Small Groups: The ladies from church get together each Tuesday night, and the 20-something girls get together on Saturday afternoons.  These are great opportunities to learn what the ladies are thinking and how they are doing in their walk with the Lord.

 3.  Friends, or Family?: In a mere 7 months, God has given me some great friendships.  They include me in family get-togethers, holidays, moving houses, and celebrations.  

Sergio, Hilda, and Ale working in the Chaco at their grandma's farm

I spend about 4-6 hours each week with Grachi, a lady from church.  She taught me how to sew curves a couple of weeks ago, and let me use her machine to sew my curtains.  I mentioned to her once that my birthday meal is Brasilian rice & beans--and last week she invited me over for lunch for just that meal!  It was a fantastic surprise.

2. Tribal Missions: There are six tribes in Paraguay that need evangelical missionaries.  
I'm hoping to be a part of a team to one of those tribes. 

1. LIVING WATER: Okay, so this picture doesn't quite represent the Living Water of Christ--but He is the number one reason I am here.  Whether or not I am a part of a tribal church planting team, whether or not the friendships I have been gifted here remain, whether or not Paraguay continues to have steak-like ground beef or mangoes the size of my head--the love of Christ compels me, to study Spanish better, to love my friends and new family more each day with His love and in His strength, and to walk in His word daily.  Thank you for your prayers as I celebrate 7 months here in Paraguay!