Wednesday, September 12, 2007

An Example

These two pictures make one white board of Northern Tepehuan non-action clauses. Northern Tepehuan is a language group from Mexico. Non-action clauses are sentences that resemble "This tree is tall." They describe the subject in the sentence. It took many different color markers and a few hours, but I was finally able to figure out most of the meanings of the words. Today I'm working on the action clauses: "You hit me."

Please pray that I will have a clear mind on this 3 day problem of Northern Tepehuan!

Love, Carrie

Sunday, September 09, 2007

More Linguistics

This picture is all that we have learned in the past three weeks of linguistics. This week we will learn and review for two days before we begin the "Long Problems." We'll spend three days to two weeks working on long problems: Northern Tepehuan, Tomi Ksa, and Kuman. Please pray for our class as we begin this stress-ier time.

Monday, September 03, 2007

Table Rock Lake

Our class had the opportunity to go to a lake house this weekend, and we spent many hours out on the's a few pictures of it:
Caution Flagger: Man Down!!

Christin, Janna, and Tiff tubing

I tried wake boarding...but didn't make it up

That was the extent I was ever out of the water!

We had a great time, and tomorrow morning we return to our linguistics studies. (Technically, tonight...we have homework...)

Love C~

My new Apartment...Again

Welcome to my new house!! I finally have a place to hang my hammock, so I'm in it quite often. My door is on the left...come on in...The living area (from the kitchen)
The kitchen (from the living area)
There are two of us in the apartment. Please pray that we would communicate well with each other this semester and enjoy each other's company.