Sunday, September 30, 2012

Many Moons Ago

When I was little, I always enjoyed looking at my dad's pictures and news articles from his high school and college soccer games and wrestling matches.  There was one picture in particular etched in my memory, of Dad in full-kick and it was perfectly a goal he made during the game.  Yesterday was our church's annual soccer tournament, and, like last year, I planned to take pictures--and was hoping for one really good one!  Leave comments below to let me know your favorite!

Before the first game--still fresh!  9:30am

Team work to get the goals

Diego, Goalie

A very zoomed-in picture, but it was a great shot!

After Chino's goal

Chino, Scorer



Carlitos with good footwork

Carlitos again :-)

Capi, Defense

Kali--flying in the air!

Our guys' team at church won out of the 8 churches in the tourney!
Better than watching 9 soccer games yesterday and managing to take over 800 pictures in one day--was seeing these same guys worshiping the Lord this morning at church. Last night after the tournament, we all went back to the church to grill out.  The pastor asked "So how many goals did each of you make?"  Each guy went around the circle counting--"5," "8," "1" (the penalty kick that one the entire tournament!), "1" (the only goal made by a header,)...and the last guy, one who played almost the entire day?  "I didn't count."  The humility of these guys was impressive.  Everyone had a great day!

Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Lost in Translation


No, I did not fall asleep on my keyboard.  That's what this shirt says, at a fancy (read, expensive) boutique around the block.  I got a giggle from it each time I saw it, and finally snapped a picture.  As odd as it may seem, it was a daily reminder of the purpose of "getting it right" when it comes to the language.  I know I wouldn't want to walk around in a t-shirt with a foreign language misspelled (and making absolutely NO sense!)...and how much more important is the Holy Word of God?  Please be in prayer as I continue studying Spanish.  Thanks!

Tuesday, September 25, 2012

My People

Last weekend we had a special Saturday evening for Youth Day at church.  The evening focus was outreach to new youth & young adults.  A group of the kids put together a pantomime to a Christian song here.  I make my appearance in the video pretty early on. :-)  Hope you enjoy it!

(It's about a guy who has everything, but in reality, he has nothing..until...)

CLICK HERE to see the YouTube video


Monday, September 24, 2012

A Fresh Breath of Air

 Today was my language evaluation, and to celebrate, I ordered a kilo of ice cream.  It was delivered just a few minutes later!
Chocolate, Dulce de Leche, Pineapple, and Strawberry
I got a great kick out of the 15 baby spatula spoons...without plans to share with 14 other people!!
It's been 6 weeks since my surgery!  My lifting restrictions are now gone & I can get back to "normal."  So, tonight before I go to bed, I'll cut off the "Don't-forget-you-can't-lift-anything" bracelet.  I should know how I did on my eval within the month, until then--I keep studying!!

Friday, September 21, 2012

The Zoo

 Wednesday I got to take a "vacation day" and go to the local zoo with friends.  It was super quiet at the zoo, and we walked around for hours just looking at all the animals and then having a picnic lunch while watching monkeys, deer, capybara, and birds in a "natural" habitat. 

Tapir, often considered "All the leftovers from Creation in one animal!"
Emu or √Ďandu--Each time we walked past he's show off

We got to the hippos just in time for lunch, so they were out of the water

Moto-Moto (okay, not his real zoo name!) in action--check out those teeth!

This little guy would hold on with his tail and swing down for a little drink.

This elephant is 40 years old!  A worker told us that she's protective of the tire like a boyfriend or her child--if they try to touch it, she'll attack them!

Wednesday, September 05, 2012

It's The Little Things

Las Residentas
This month has been encouraging as I am seeing each day little ways that I fitting in more and more.

*I lost my temporary ID card last week*
Plus side--I apply for a new one in November, and can carry around a copy of the lost one until then.  Encouraging side--I called the hospital and the pharmacy where I thought I may have lost it to see if someone had found it.  Why is that encouraging?  I didn't panic before the phone call...and it wasn't until afterwards that I realized I'd made a phone call without really thinking about it.

*I was able to clear up a situation with a friend*
I hadn't realized that I'd hurt a friend recently, and she came to me to express how she felt.  We were able to sit and talk, clear things up, and heal our friendship.  
Encouraging side: It takes quite a lot of language & cultural understanding to be able to heal relationships. 

*I'm able to start a new ministry*
A few weeks ago I started a new ministry at church--managing the power points at church.  It's been encouraging to see that I'm able to keep up with the flow of the church services.

*People miss me*
Okay, this one's going to sound weird based on the who and why.  This week I had to swap out the LP tank for my stove, and the little gummy thing went out with the old tank.  So I had to go to the hardware store for the first time in months.  The Friendly Neighborhood Hardware Man talked to me despite helping out other customers, and called me "Carinata!"  (I call myself Car-ee in Spanish, like car from auto, he added a term of endearment on the end.)  His daughter, Karina, was there, too.  He said, "You never come anymore!"  "I got everything fixed in the house."  "I'm going to send someone there (to mess things up) so you'll have to come back more."   Lucky for him, I'll be back soon for more mouse traps and something potent for roaches.

*We're starting to think alike*
The other day a friend was here & she started singing a song that I had stuck in my head.  All. Day. Long.  I looked at her and said "Have I whistled that since you got here?" (Those of you who know me, know I whistle almost constantly...horrible habit.)  "No, it's just been stuck in my head all day" she replied.  Wow.