Friday, April 30, 2010

A Blessing From God

This week has been busy in childcare! Between a rainy weekend, a full moon, and an upcoming rainy weekend, the kids have been very stir-crazy! We try to do different activities with the kids, and one of their favorite games is to pull out the "parachute" (a bedsheet!) We all hold onto it, waving it up and down and bouncing the balls we place on it. To finish off parachute time, they all get to lay on the floor and feel the wind from the sheet--they love it!

Last night I had a special surprise--my nephew was traveling & would be only 10 miles away from where I live! I got to go spend an hour with him!
Here are a few of his Easter pictures:

Friday, April 16, 2010

The Crazy Carnival

Elijah & I at the carnival

Last night my friend Melissa & I took her two boys to the carnival in town. We had a good time & wore out both boys! You can click here to check out more pictures!

Tuesday, April 06, 2010

Spring Break

This past week was Spring Break for the Missionary Training Center. I had high hopes of traveling with friends to Manitowoc, Wisconsin to visit my best friend and her family. But last Monday I got knocked down by two ear infections! Tuesday I went to the doctor for antibiotics, and Wednesday (the original date for driving to WI) I decided not to go on the trip. Which was a very good plan, because I'm just now back to normal!

Yesterday I went with some good friends to the capitol of Missouri: Jefferson City. My friend Nate needed to write a paper on the capitol building for his college course, so his parents and I drove up there in the afternoon. Jonathan and Lisa have been in my life nearly as long as I can remember (they were the leaders of the mission trip I went on to Brasil in 2001.) Nate, Meg, and Nicole, and my brother and I all grew up together/apart. Since they were missionaries to Brasil, we would reconnect every time they were in town. So, we're pretty much like cousins now!

JC Fast Facts:
Jefferson City is the 2nd city for the MO State capitol, and the current building is the fourth building.
Jefferson City was built as a city BECAUSE they wanted to make it the capitol!
The capitol building is completely made out of stone (minus the occasional wooden door and desk.)
The building is four stories high.
Walt Disney lived in MO for 4 years of his childhood.

This is actually remnants of a flag from the Civil War. Much of the flag has decomposed, and the remains are set on a print of the former flag.

The "genuine" Liberty Bell--right in Missouri!