Friday, June 09, 2006

Back in the South

Hi everyone!

I made it back to Louisiana uneventfully. Mom was able to travel with me from North Carolina over to Louisiana, so the trip went quicker with two drivers. She flew back Thursday morning. I have begun my summer partnership with the church. I'm looking forward to the summer here. Tonight (Friday) I will be sharing a few minutes during the Missions Jamboree about my year at NTMI. Next Tuesday I have a 30 minute meeting with the PrimeTimers (the retired people from our church) during their monthly luncheon. I am planning on sharing about the process of tribal church planting. I am looking forward to this opportunity to educate the members from my home church about what my future looks like within New Tribes Mission. I would appreciate your prayers as I prepare and share with the church. This is my first meeting to share this information, and I could have more opportunities this summer to share with other churches about my future ministry.


Thursday, June 01, 2006


Tonight was our graduation from New Tribes Missions Institute. Our class graduated with 32 future missionaries. We are now spreading out across the nation to serve with our home churches this summer. How exciting to get to go back to where many of us were raised and shaped into the people we are today! Here is a picture of our entire class: