Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Well, that was fast

 Most of my worldly possessions in the middle of my bedroom floor on Sunday (it looks better now!)

Dinner with friends on Monday night

I had arranged for friends to stay in my house while I'm in the US--it was going to work out great for all of us.  Saturday morning while I was walking around downtown, I got a text message: "Houston, we have a problem."  Their landlord was telling them to move out this past weekend, so they quickly packed up their apartment and moved all their stuff over to my house a few days earlier than planned.  I quickly moved many of my things into my bedroom to store, and cleaned the house as much as I could before we filled it up. 

The amazing thing about it was seeing the body of Christ work together.  A friend from church came to work on my A/C to get it running again, another friend came and helped unload everything--then stayed and helped the electrician-friend with the A/C, the electrician's wife helped organize, clean, and fold clothes to put away while their 7-year old son organized all my friends' shoes!  They went above-and-beyond what was expected of them, despite being tired from a long work week and a lot of traveling.  Praising God this week for good friends and the body of Christ!

*Sorry about the quality of the pictures, they're from my cell*

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